What is the readforxbox movement?

The readforxbox movement is designed to change the way we parent. The readforxbox movement encourages all parents to have their children read to earn time on his or her favorite game system or electronic game. It is clear that our current philosophy does not work for 3rd through 8th graders. It is impossible for parents to instill enough joy in literacy to overcome a child’s love for a video game. Because of our current philosophy, children all over the country are allowed to play endless gaming sessions while their reading scores continue to decline. The readforxbox movement will help increase literacy in children of all cultures, while moderating the use of game systems in a non-punitive way. It will help parents to set limits at an early age, setting the course for positive parenting in future years.

Game systems are not the enemy. All technology is beneficial. It is the way we parent that must change. We must recognize that given the choice, most children will choose a game system over reading. We must also recognize the trends and adjust our methods of parenting. It is clear that game systems will be in almost every household with children in the next 10 years. If we continue to allow our 3rd-8th graders to choose, we will continue to see a nation of illiterate or underachieving children.

There really is no choice if you want your child reading through middle school: readforxbox

The rule?

1/2 hour of reading equals 1 hour earned on the game system or technology of your child’s choice.