1. Does reading homework count?

Of course it counts! We want to give children one more incentive to complete their assignments. Remember, this is about POSITIVE reinforcement, and not a punishment.

2. What if my child is home alone often? How do I make sure they aren’t playing when I’m away?

A game controller fits in a glove box… A DS fit in a purse…
Some kids will try to find a way to beat the system, but there is NO doubt that they will be reading more. If you question whether your child is truly reading, have them earn the hours when you are home.

3. Can my child play for a long time if they have banked the hours?

Of course! Many kids prefer to read for long periods of time to play on the device for a longer period. As long as they are reading BEFORE they play, the rules apply. If they choose to read for 4 hours, they have 8 hours coming to them. Remember, this is simply about them reading more and more often.

4. Which game systems are we talking about?

Any electronic game of leisure is included. You as a parent must decide. Some popular choices include Xbox, Play Station, Wii, Game Boy, DS, Runescape, Wizard 101, IPod games, etc..

5. Won’t this make my child hate reading?

No, not at all. In fact, it is easier to instill joy in reading when kids are choosing what they will read. Most children today only read school text, and there’s not much joy in that. In the end, some kids will like reading, some will think it’s just okay, and some won’t like it at all.

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