Joy and Literacy

You must instill joy in literacy?

When the philosophy originated:

Most parents were still married and the Mother usually stayed home to raise the children.

The Internet was not invented.

There were no game systems.

There was no rap music.

I could go on all day…

Think of how far technology has advanced in those years. Think about how far medicine has advanced in all those years.

Today children read at home only when they are young. The reason is quite simple. All of our efforts to sell the joys of reading only work on small children. There is no policy designed for middle school age children. At the crucial time when children should be fully developing their reading skills they stop reading at home. This usually occurs between 3rd and 5th grade. When reading stops at home reading levels stagnate or recede leading to future problems and underachievement in all academic areas.

Educators still attempt to instill joy in reading even after it’s clear the joy isn’t there. When the policy is obsolete no amount of resources or energy will change the amount children will read. The policy of instilling joy in reading does not work after 3rd grade.

Children will agree to read for the technology they desire. They will reach their full potential reading consistently at home while others are trying to find their lost joy. In the end it is more important to be a successful reader than a joyful reader.