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Welcome to readforxbox.com, the home of the readforxbox movement! Are you interested in a free investment in your child’s future? Then you came to the right place. Get started today and download a contract (Certificate of Investment) for free. It will be the best parenting decision you will ever make.

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If you have questions about the movement, most of them can be answered on the website. The website will evolve as the movement grows, and so will our goals and services. Believe it or not, Phase 2 of readforxbox will be even more ambitious than Phase 1. While Phase 1 is focused on a parenting change, Phase 2 will focus on the schools. In the next 10 years readforxbox will influence over 1,000,000 children! Readforxbox is the wave of the future, and that future starts today. Don’t forget to REGISTER. It costs nothing and only take seconds. Counting registered users allows us to gauge the impact we are making, so please help us out. Every time your child reads it is an investment in their future.

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We will pave the way for our future parents.